JUMP’s output

1 JUMP Guidelines: Analysis and exchange of practices
Analysis of social professionals needs for identifying the best methodologies:

  • to screen overall key recipients’ underlying challenges;
  • to pinpoint the true factors hindering women in their job search and maintenance;
  • to frame still snubbed challenges (e.g. difficulties in reaching all potential recipients or in obtaining a true medium term commitment);
  • to cover transversal competences (soft and life skills) to recipients and to boots their positive assests.

JUMP Report #1 Part A                        JUMP Report #1 Part B

2 State-of-the-art in the four partner countries
Scientific Rewiev aiming at:

  • providing comparative qualitative and quantitative study for each involved country on work family balance issues [on gender role-set, women’s labour-market participation, gender difference in parenting, conciliation policies] focusing on JUMP target group;
  • identifying the main macro-national, meso-institutional and micro-individual features and processes at the base of the difficulties of vulnerable mothers to enter (and stay) in the labor market, in the four regional contexts included in the project.

JUMP Report #2

3 JUMP training models
Development of a methodology to assist social professionals in the daily “practice”:

  • to activate training modules addressing social professionals to develop innovative methodologies of social support and to enhance their professional competences to empower vulnerable mothers on specific challenges (particularly toes of work-family balance, labour market participation);
  • to test the methodologies by providing guidance to a selected group of low income/low skilled mothers with conciliation needs

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